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Legal Documentation  

Student Guardianship Services (SGS) prepares and executes Custodianship Declaration Forms that are required for a minor to study in Canada. Student Guardianship Services provides professional services for preparation of applications and renewals of VISA's and Study Permits and any other documentation required for your student during their study in Canada. 

School Communication and Liaison 

Student Guardianship Services works to enhance communication between the school and your family. SGS arranges and attends parent-teacher meetings twice a year preparing a detailed report that is sent to family and reviewed with your student. SGS communicates regularly with housemasters and advisors to check-in on your students well being and academic progress. SGS completes required permission forms for school sanctioned activities and attends school meetings as required. 

Liaison with Guidance Department (career planning)

SGS coordinates meetings with the school guidance department, families and your student to explore career/academic interests to identify post secondary school options. SGS works to ensure that course selection work towards future career options and is structured to facilitate success. During the Grade 11 and 12 years SGS works with the student to assist in exploring University and program options. SGS will facilitate meetings for visiting families as requested. 

Emergency Contact Person 

Provide 24 hour emergency access for parents, student and school representatives in case of an emergency situation.

Long Weekend Program  

SGS provides long weekend programming designed to enrich your students Canadian experience. 

Facilitate Student/Family Arrival and Orientation

Assist with student/parent visits to the school facilitating introduction to the school and region. Assist in obtaining uniform, dorm and school supplies as required. Assist with opening of bank accounts, cel phone services and medical appointments. SGS is here to help your family! 

Student Well Being

SGS meets with your student for informal check-ins throughout the school year. Social events are held in a Canadian home featuring Canadian food and activities. SGS supports your student by attending events at the school throughout the year i.e. sports, concerts, birthday celebrations and providing regular updates and photos to family.    

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